— nature boy —
al potter, 6th year gryffindor. brother to lily and james, cousin to the weasleys, owner of a stupid owl named thomas who doesn't fly straight. i don't do quidditch; wizard's chess is my game.
ooc things

HEY SO HEY. erp so as it turns out somehow i now have two internships on top of my regular job why did i do this to myself i’m gonna die aren’t i. in any case, it means i’ll be out all 7 days of the week for at least like, 5-ish hours of the day, but rest assured i’ll definitely be here every night, soooo. just FEEL FREE to plan any kind of events or whatever without me here: the general rule is if it’s fun and creative for everyone, it’s admin-approved. ;D aaand, as always, if you have any questions or concerns when i’m not here, either leave an ask or consult anna or chloe. ccc:

also just something on the lols side, because apparently this made my sister’s day: so i’m a huge nerd and i really like talking about evolutionary theory and especially how oftentimes inexplicable human traits or behaviors are atavisms of eras past, and i don’t know how we got on this topic, but i was like, “it’s really interesting how many things we take for granted, like jaws and faces, got evolved. like why our eyes are on the front of our face and not on any other part of our body. most likely it’s because mother nature did not want to place our eyes near our butts.” and this just killed my sister and she couldn’t stop laughing because she thought i was going to say something super intelligent (lol when does that ever happen) and i had such a straight face on (that actually happens a lot). TL;DR: i should have been a scientist, because obviously i’m making very progressive scientific observations here. 8Db